How to Add Courses to the YotHop Training Marketplace – It takes just minutes!

The YotHop Training Marketplace is an revolutionary approach to selling training courses online. We have over 10 thousand Superyacht Crew on the system all progressing their career so we are in a unique position to help them find the right course in the right location. Like Pay Per Click, you are only marketing to the people who may be interested and we shall promote your courses to the right audience via our social channels, direct targeted email and sponsored advertising. If you don’t sell a course you pay nothing!

Becoming a Training Provider

Like all YotHop services you can sign in with your regular YotHop username and password, your account is one.

  • When you click ‘Add a course’ you will first have the request to become a Training Provider.

Becoming a Training Provider

  • We’ve added many provider already to our business directory so first look on the dropdown to connect your school.
  • If you don’t see a listing type into the box and a school will be generated and attached to your profile.
  • We will then approve you to act on behalf of the school.
  • Once you receive your email of approval, be sure to fill in your School Settings. This will save time later as company logo etc. will be applied to all your courses.

Training School Options

Adding a Course

  • We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to add your course dates for the entire year in one simple form. You can then manage your courses and track sales.
  • The second time you click ‘Add a course’ you’ll see the course entry form.

  • Select the Course you wish to add from the dropdown or begin to type, for example MCA ST…
  • You can add multiple dates for one course at a time to keep things fairly quick.
  • Go back into the detailed course list by clicking on ‘Edit Courses‘ on the Courses dashboard.
  • You will be able to go into each course date and add more detail about the course as required.

Managing Company Information

Your company information is held in our Business Directory. As a training provider you will also be assigned as an Admin of the Business Directory listing. You can add detail about the company here for your students and for those generally searching for providers.

We are developing the platform with new features as we speak so feedback is as always welcome. We would like to streamline the process and commission rates to suit you so do get in touch!