Atlantic Crossing 2016-Fitness

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[fusion_text]Hello fellow yachties,

Discussions with Clients/owners/guests, the reoccuring question is always…..
“how do you stay in shape while on the boat?” or “what do you do to keep fit while at sea?”
So i took the opportunity to make this short video and give you an insight into ‘what you can do to keep fit or get in shape while Crossing the Atlantic’ !!!

[/fusion_text][youtube id=”amAeXKNi2eE” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””][/youtube][fusion_text]Over the past 4 years i have been working on board a sailing yacht as a deckhand/fitness coach, when the guests arrived, that was when i came to life in being able to make sure they squeezed in as many ‘dopamine moments’ during the trip.

Workouts on board and ashore were part of my daily routine while sailing and keeping the yacht looking pristine.

My self along with the rest of the crew insured they took part in every possible activity that meant there was no time to waste. Without the support of the Captain, Chef and stewardess you cannot run these activities to perfection, we worked together like a well oiled machine so that excellent food/fuel was perfectly prepared when they arrived back from a cycle around a Caribbean island. The captain would then conveniently put the swim platform down and gather towels so they could finish the day with a few laps around the boat enjoying the sunset.’PERFECT’

This is just as important as me carrying enough water and sunscreen to insure they do not have to worry about a single thought throughtout the trip. Cover every possible base is the thought process as you all know.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.

If your boat is looking for someone like me, to join your boat during Charters or owner trips, get in touch. or via YotHop.

Follow me on Instagram, myles_taylor

*All activities risk assessed and in the presence of a qualified lifeguard[/fusion_text]

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Myles Taylor

Myles Taylor

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