Captains, have you helped sell the bosses boat …and then get made redundant?

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YotHop – The industry leading job board and social platform have teamed up with The Boatshed International to harness their bespoke yacht brokerage platform and provide a unique brokerage service, that sells your boat faster by utilizing and incentivizing your crew.

Starting with an industry low brokerage fee of just 7%, YH International Boat Sales use a multi-platform approach to marketing your boat. Any potential leads are pre-screened by our industry experts to make sure that only serious buyers make it through to the next stage – Being shown around your boat by your captain and crew.

In return for this service, YH will pay a referral to your captain and crew from its own commission, ensuring their suitably incentivized to deliver the best information to your potential buyer.

All offers are then handled by our team of skilled negotiators to make sure you obtain the price you deserve.

Key benefits

  • Sell your boat twice as fast
  • 50+ branches and brokers worldwide, working for you
  • Established online network showcasing your boat
  • Acknowledgement of the captains hard work by way of cash incentive
  • A competitive 7% brokerage fee

If you want to sell your boat, ask your captain to get in touch with YotHop and we’ll set about delivering a second to none service



Simply fill in a simple form with your Photo, First Name, Last name, email address, Mobile, Telephone, Skype to get set up on the Boatshed system and online training.


The captain / new broker will be enrolled on our online training course where they will learn how to take the photos, perform viewings, etc. When passed and completed they will be given their Dashboard access to the sales platform.


Captain is sent new details of their Dashboard so they can upload their boats.


Once the captain has uploaded the new listing, the Team will check the listing and make it live. The Team here will manage all communication and negotiation and contact the Captain as soon as there are viewings or any queries.


Balance of monies paid to the Owner, and then commission is split to the team who have sold the boat.

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Glenn Ward

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