Introducing the New and Improved Boat Database

We’ve completely rebuilt the boat database to give users more control and we think it looks sweet! Originally we add the boat database to bring extra value to users resumes. Validating the boats they have worked on while adding a layer of accountability. It has since become a very popular resource and has grown no […]

How to Add Courses to the YotHop Training Marketplace – It takes just minutes!

The YotHop Training Marketplace is an revolutionary approach to selling training courses online. We have over 10 thousand Superyacht Crew on the system all progressing their career so we are in a unique position to help them find the right course in the right location. Like Pay Per Click, you are only marketing to the people […]

New Look Online Resumes as part of your YotHop Profile

We want your Online Resume to look as good as your Paper CV Walking the dock has always been part of getting your foot in the door! It’s getting harder and harder with many marinas not allowing entry, not to mention the annoyance of printing off your CV and timing it right as you approach […]

2018 is going to be an BIG year for YotHop with new features to make your life and career more streamlined

As many of you are aware, we ‘were’ just some ex yacht crew who built a little website with our pocket money. We wanted to put online what we would have wanted all those years ago. We been very successful over the past 3 years with over 9 thousand sign ups and a constant flow […]

Are you losing money every month through bank charges and poor exchange rates?

As you may know, YotHop was built with the aim to put the salary budget back in the crews pocket. We’ve spoken to a number of you and found that many are paying high bank charges and exchanging salaries every month with regular bank exchange rates. There’s another way! we’ve partnered with international money transfer […]

Revamped Advertising on YotHop, Simple and Affordable

As you know, YotHop is a completely free service! this means that we include some advertising banners around the website which hopefully are not invasive. We’e spent some time re thinking our approach to advertising and made it simple to purchase the banner you would like on the page you want.  The banners rotate with […]

What is YotHop?

YotHop is the FREE Worldwide community of yacht crew members. No fees, no third parties and a one click sign in. The employer / captain can post jobs for applicants to apply direct to them or search and connect with crew in the yachting industry via YotHop crew filters. There are advanced searches to define […]

Add video to your resume and put a face to your CV

Its great to see a video from an applicant to really get a feel for their personality! that’s why we added video upload to your resume. Visit the Video Management page to upload yours today Click Here We’ve made it as simple as possible. Record your video on your phone or on your laptop, locate […]

Walk the docks on YotHop without walking the docks

After meeting many people on a recent course that were heading down to Antibes or Palma to find work for the season. We decided YotHop could help out by taking the dockwalk out of dockwalking! There’s 2 new buttons on the homepage ‘Available for Day Work‘ and ‘Looking for Day Workers‘ You could already state […]

YotHop Pulse

Introducing YotHop Pulse! This month we added the ability for you YotHoppers to write the news. Simply go the YotHop Pulse, add your title, main body text, image and hit submit, it’s that simple. We’ll review the content and publish it at a timely moment during the week. This is your chance to talk about […]