Floating Wetsuits – Great New Product For The Yachting Industry!

Just wanted to share a new product with fellow yachties – A different kind of wetsuit idea where the suits have built in flotation assistance. We are sales reps for the company, Airtime Watertime®, and we can see a lot of potential in the yachting game for The Floater™: Kids and charter guests when swimming, […]

When your principles clash with your position

Q: Anonymous, Captain, 42: I’ve recently resigned from a Captain’s position as I couldn’t accept a recent change of policies. I was asked to fire my really great crew, who were to be replaced by crew from the commercial shipping world with no luxury yachting experience. The final straw was I was told this was […]

Hiring Captains: Youth over experience?

Q: Anonymous, Captain, 53: “I am a hugely experienced Captain who is struggling to find work. Having spoken to other Captains of my age, I realise this is a phenomenon in yachting right now, and that we’re being put out to pasture in favour of young guns who just got their Captain’s license and barely […]

Should I stay, or should I go?

Q: Alex, Stewardess, 27: “I’ve only been in yachting for 3 years but I’m already beginning to feel like I’ve had enough. To be honest I’m actually really disappointed with the whole industry. I came into this thinking I’d be working with super professional people with really high standards in everything they do. Unfortunately, that […]

How to stop hating your Captain admin

Q: Anonymous, Captain, 38: “I’ve wanted to be a Captain since I sailed as a kid, and I managed to achieve my goal. But it’s nothing like what I dreamed of. I don’t remember the last time I actually spent a day on deck, and the paperwork is killing me. Between ISM, MLC, ISPS etc, […]

How the ‘Sunk Cost’ fallacy can keep you trapped

Q: Dan, Chief Officer, 34: “I have been in yachting for 8 years and have been lucky enough to move up fairly easily to the position of Chief Officer on a 60m yacht. I’ve got all my tickets for this level, I’ve done all the compulsory courses and quite a lot of the non-compulsory ones, […]

How to help the hurricane relief effort

Q: Adam, Bosun, 36: “Ever since we heard about the carnage that has been unleashed on so much of the Caribbean by the hurricanes, I’ve been wondering what the best way would be to actually help out. There seem to be all these different crowd funding links and suggestions popping up on Facebook but I’m […]

What to do if you are working with a narcissist

Q: Anonymous, Deckhand, 26: “I joined a yacht three months ago, and the First Mate really has it in for me. He’s always insulting me, taking credit for things I do, and blaming me for his mistakes. Everything I do is undermined. But it’s always when we’re alone, when other people are around he behaves […]

How to stop a party boat derailing your career

Q: Anonymous, Deckhand, 28: “My yacht is full of fun, young crew who party like crazy every single chance they get. While I’m up for a boozy night now and then, they don’t just stick to drinks if you get my drift- and the past Caribbean season was pretty loose, with random crew from the […]

My HOD never listens to my ideas

Q: Becky, Stew, 24: “I joined a new yacht as second stew 2 months ago, and I have all these great ideas to make the interior run even better. They’re mostly not my ideas, they’re things I’ve gathered from other yachts I’ve worked on—tips like not ironing sheets onto beds but using the ‘spray and […]