Mood mastery in the face of misery!

Q: Sophie, Stewardess:child “Hiya, I read your article the other week about the toxic crew member and was wondering if you can help me – as we have one of these onboard too but I am not the boss so I can’t do what you suggested. This person is really upsetting everyone and we would […]

The importance of currency

The Mediterranean season is coming to an end, and now comes the time to tackle the less adventurous yet essential task of all, what to do with your hard earned money. You may consider buying a home, investing in a property abroad, paying off a chunk of your mortgage, or traveling the world. Whatever you […]

A new type of Property Investment for Crew

You have all heard of crowd funding where groups of people invest their money into a project, fund or general investment. We have come up with something a little different. Crewed funding is the same thing but just for Yacht Crew. As you all know, Yachting provides crew with a great opportunity to save, invest […]

Superyacht Crew Mortgages: Do you know what you are doing?

Today we are going to discuss something which is not only looked upon as a great investment for SuperYacht crew but can also be the source of huge frustration and stress. This article is intended to give you, Superyacht Crew a general guide to the process you need to follow in order to avoid all […]

My First 24 Hours Working on a Super Yacht. Part 2

This is the second part of a two part blog, detailing my experience of my first 24 hours working on a super yacht. I hope you find informative and provides a useful insight into life on a yacht. I would like to say I awake to the sound of my alarm, but my sleep is […]

Safety on board…more than just paper pushing!

The role of a modern yacht Captain has changed greatly in the last 10 years. With an increase in maritime legislative guidelines, Captains now find themselves dealing with paperwork as much as they find themselves navigating the yacht! SOLAS, MARPOL, IMO, MLC, ISM/ISPS, (this industry sure likes an acronym) are all terms familiar to Captains […]

My First 24 Hours Working on a Super Yacht. Part 1

The morning was fresh as I stepped out of the crew house with all my belongings crammed into my rucksack weighing heavy on my back. I made my way to Antibes station where I caught a train filled with commuters. I was heading for Genoa, a large mainly industrial port in Italy where a 54 […]

Dockwalking – My Personal Experience

What is dock walking? Dock walking is the process of walking along a dock, approaching a yacht, speaking with the crew with the aim of securing; day work, permanent work or to leave them with your CV. For me this proved to be one of the most nerve wracking processes in finding work. Monday morning […]

Deciding Whether to Work on a Super Yacht or Not? My Personal Account…

Prior to leaving England on that cold wet day in September and embarking on my new adventure I spent a year considering the idea of working on a super yacht. I even spent a week in the South of France, chatting to yacht crews and others looking for work, all to help me decide if […]