How to stop brain freeze when things go wrong.

Q: Ben, Deckhand, 24: “Recently I did something idiotic onboard when using the crane to launch the tender for the first time. I was super-stressed and I pretended I knew what I was doing, but my brain shut down entirely and I did something so stupid I still cringe about it weeks later. The first […]

How to keep crew on a boring yacht.

Q: Anonymous Captain, 41: “I’m a captain with a great crew that’s getting restless. We run a private yacht, with decent elderly owners who rarely come onboard- and when they do, it’s basic milk-run stuff, anchored in Cala de Volpe or off Cap Ferrat for weeks on end. We never leave the Western Med, and […]

Making a formal complaint about a crew member.

Q: Andrea, 28, Chief Stewardess: “I’ve recently joined a large charter yacht as chief stew, and have inherited an extremely difficult situation with a chef who is manipulative and verbally abusive. He’s thrown food at me, called us all incompetent, and much worse things than this. However, when the captain or first officer are present […]

Are you losing interest/bored with stewardessing?

Q: Nikki, 29, 2nd Stew: “I’m a quick learner, and I get bored very easily. I always need something new to learn and a promotion to aspire to, and since I joined yachting 3 years ago I’ve gone from junior stew to second stew, and changed boats three times. I’ve been a second for 6 […]

All 2017 Superyacht Scholarship Winners are now HIRED!

The Crew Coach is delighted to announce the 2017 Superyacht Scholarship winners have all successfully obtained entry level positions in the yachting industry and are on the way to fulfilling their dreams of building a successful career in luxury yachting. The incredible prizes, time and dedication provided by the program’s mentors and sponsors, combined with […]

How to give feedback without causing the sulks!

Q: Steve, Captain, 44: “As a Captain, I have to pull people up all the time in order to improve their performance. But it just doesn’t seem to be working at all, particularly recently, as I’ve got some prickly young crew members who can’t take criticism at all and sulk for weeks after I’ve mentioned […]

When is it time to give up job hunting?

Q: Fiona, 24, Stewardess: “I’ve been in Antibes actively looking for stew work since April, and apart from four interviews and just over a week of daywork in May, I’ve not had much luck at all. I did have one offer for a small sailing yacht in the early days, but I turned it down […]

Seahub Projects to manage your next yacht survey?

Its 2012, and its time to pull M/Y Pegasus V out of the water and jump into our 5-year survey. As the third engineer, I remember being excited and thrilled for the project, but looking back now with Seahub Projects launched, I can see the value it would have brought to us all. Twenty projects […]

The Perils Of Efficiency……..

I stepped out of the much-needed hot shower – the first for a WEEK – and wrapped myself in a [small] towel. It was an August afternoon in the Western Isles in Scotland, but grey and freezing cold in the marina shower block. I dried myself quickly slapping on some body lotion and reached for […]

Should I hide the fact that I’m gay?

Q: Anonymous Steward 25: “I’m a hospitality professional with 5 years in a 5-star hotel (fine dining restaurant and housekeeping), and I have a background in sailing as well as STCW, ENG1 and GUEST level 1. So far, so good, and I know from talking to others in the crew house that I out-qualify lots […]