How to move from cruise ships to luxury yachts

A: Hayley, Stewardess, 24: “I’ve just come off 2 years on cruise ships, and I was led to believe that with this background I’d find a job on yachts quite easily, but it seems like everyone I talk to looks down their nose at me when I show them my CV. I’m not even getting […]

Is being gluten free holding back my career?

Q: Anonymous, Stew, 26: “I recently got turned down for a job based on the fact I have to follow a gluten free diet! I was really upset as it’s not just a choice or some fad I’m following, it’s a medical condition (I’m a Celiac.) After this I also had a frustrating conversation with […]

Should I accept a job in a Villa?

Q: Cecilia, New Stewardess, 21: I’ve been offered a housekeeping position for the summer- but in a villa on land! Do you think it will help my yachting prospects to have this kind of villa experience? I’ve done heaps of dockwalking and had a couple of interviews but I’m not having much luck yet on […]

What to do if your HOD is not up to scratch

Q: Anonymous, Second Stew, 27: “Our new Chief Stew has just joined – but the problem is, she’s terrible!! She’s only been in yachting for a few seasons on a private yacht and I think she must have been promoted way too fast as she has no idea what she’s doing. Her service and cabins […]

How to keep hirers happy when job hunting

Q: Neil, Chief Steward, 30: “I’ve just secured a great job, but in the process I had to turn down several others. I actually found it really difficult as I had to disappoint some Captains and owners who had expected I was going to work for them. One was even quite angry about it, and […]

Tenders and Toys. Are they ready for summer?

When it comes to tenders and toys during a busy season, they can either make or break a charter. When they work its all smiles, but when they break down its every crew’s nightmare. So what preparations can you make prior to and during a season to keep these things running smoothly? Tenders and toys […]

How to tame the bitchy monster in your head

Q: Sam, Stew, 31: “I’ve recently returned to yachting after a couple of years away, and I’d completely forgotten how toxic it can be! There’s lots I love about yachting, but there’s so much crew politics and bitchiness going on, and I’d forgotten how intense it all is. I’m not pointing fingers here, I realise […]

Tips for learning a new engine room

Superyacht engine rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are easy to handle, whilst others can be an absolute nightmare. Getting to know your engine room takes time and patience but in the end your daily upkeep and operator ability of the room becomes natural and you can […]

How to attract top quality crew to a smaller yacht

Q: Sean, Captain: “I’m a captain looking for a chief stew to work with me on a 30m motor yacht. It’s a great job with great pay and really awesome owners but nobody will take the position as they all want to be on bigger boats. I’ve worked on both big and small boats, and […]

How can you find out about a yacht reputation?

Q: Ashleigh, Stewardess, 24: “I’m new to the industry and I’m wondering if there’s any way to find out about a yacht’s reputation before I accept a job? I’ve had a few interviews, and I’d like to know if there’s any reliable source of information in the industry to tell me if I should be […]