Add a Yacht Training Course

You can now post courses under Courses and Events on Yachtly Crew

You must be a member of YotHop to post a course. Please Register or Login at the button at the top of the page.

Key Benefits to posting a Training Course on YotHop

  • Courses are marked up for Google. Achieve page one in an instant
  • Reach our huge network of yacht crew
  • Send potential bookings directly to your website. Great for link building!

If this is not your current company please edit at Settings > Company

Course Type

Course Duration

Booking URL

Course Price

Number of Spaces

Terms and Conditions

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Add a Yacht Training Company

Before you add a Course, you need to connect the dots. Add a company and connect it to you as a user by setting it as your current company. When you post a course it will be connected to and promote your company hand in hand.

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