COVID-19 Response: Finding local crew on YotHop

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With all the cancelled charters, lay offs and restricted travel. We’ve decided to relaunch the YotHop Day Work feature .

We’ve also added the ‘Current Location’ filter to the resume search page as we are experiencing an increase in employers searching for crew already in their area. Fill in your Current Location to be found.

Simply login, add you ‘location’ , ‘date available until’ and get listed on the map with a link to your online profile.

If you’re looking for short term workers already in your area, search the map below.
Find Day Workers

If you’re in a country, recently out of work due to cancelled charters, unable to travel. Fill in your availability below and make yourself known.
Available for Day Work

Please share to help your fellow crew community and do let us know if there’s anything else you think we can do to help?

…As always, post your jobs to the Jobs Board and we’ll do the leg work on social media!

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Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward

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