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  • Clara Ferrer Duet is available for Day Work in Palma, España until 11/03/2021

Clara Ferrer Duet is available for Day Work in Palma, España until 11/03/2021

Clara Ferrer Duet is available for Day Work in until 11/03/2021

Message to Employers

My name is Clara Ferrer, I'm 23 years old. I'm Spanish and I also speak English fluently.
I would like to apply for the 2nd Stewardess role.
I am currently in Palma and available immediately .

I am usually looking for a Stewardess position but I have some experience doing tasks at the deck and I see myself capable of performing these tasks effectively.
I am always open to learn and I am very curious. So I am able to combine both Stew / deck positions if the occasion requires it. It's always nice to have someone who can do both!

My experience on Sailing boats its of 1 month in a SY 31m Schooner and 4 months in a SB 12m doing this tasks:
- Activities such as wood maintenance (Sanding and painting), production of new parts, etc.
- Participating in the kitchen (galley dutties and serving food).
- General interior and exterior cleaning.
- Placement of ship sails and mooring ropes.
- Setting of Sikaflex on the deck

I have been working on hospitality for 2 years, in a restaurant, and I want to continue my career in this direction doing more courses in Protocol / hospitality to increase my knowledge and to be able to be a really professional worker. For now, I have done my :
Basic Food Service / Silver Service
Advanced Laundry Service
Advanced Housekeeping Service
Food Safety Level 2

So , all the tasks related to housekeeping/service they are a good way to improve and put into practice my learned knowledge.

About me, I can say that I am an energetic, strong, hard worker and positive person with a healthy lifestyle and a high standard self-organization.
I consider myself a person who is focused in details and with ease to unwrap and adapt to any type of environment, in addition to having good organizational skills and planning.

Among my hobbies I can highlight that I love arts, dance, hiking and I am improving in Yoga sports. .
I am always looking for new opportunities and experiences.

I am also introducing myself to the world of sailing and I really want to learn how to sail, so I am starting to train and more and more passion is emerging, so spending many months at sea would be something motivator for me.

I have all my certificates updated:
Food & Hygiene Level 2
Advanced Laundry
Advanced Housekeeping
Basic Food Service / Silver Service
Seaman's book
EU Passport

I am ready for any challenge and to do my best!

So I will be so grateful to take an opportunity to prove my potential and get my desire to improve professionally in this career.

View their online resume here Clara Ferrer Duet

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