Floating Wetsuits – Great New Product For The Yachting Industry!

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Just wanted to share a new product with fellow yachties – A different kind of wetsuit idea where the suits have built in flotation assistance.

We are sales reps for the company, Airtime Watertime®, and we can see a lot of potential in the yachting game for The Floater™:

Kids and charter guests when swimming, snorkeling, SUPing, dinghy sailing…
Crew when acting as a safety swimmer, or even when cleaning waterlines etc…

The suits allow for freedom of movement in the water, enhance your swimming ability, and allow you to swim faster and further with less effort – all while giving you a little bit more buoyancy in the water.

Looking forward to comments and interests – drop us a line at: aquafiedsales@gmail.com

Cheers for your time!
Amanda & Brad

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Amanda Roe

Amanda Roe

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