In preparation for European Law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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With GDPR laws kicking in on the 25th of May, YotHop Team want you to feel secure your data stored with us is protected. We want to make sure our users are totally happy with our compliance.

Here’s a summary of the steps we have taken;

The YotHop website has been upgraded to a secure server. You can see this by the https instead of http in the address bar. This gives you piece of mind that all data is encrypted and has been passed securely across to the browser.

To be added to our mailing list, all sign ups will have to double opt in. Mailing lists are controlled by MailChimp. Mailchimp have taken extra precautions to ensure compliance and to also make data available at request, should a user require it. Your MailChimp subscriptions for any website can be controlled at

We have checked all 3rd party applications and elements to the website; that we use to collect and store personal details,  for the purpose of conducting our business. If you have any questions, we can supply links to the steps that the third parties have taken in order to be compliant.

We have sent out an email requesting that all existing subscribers confirm they wish to hear from us regarding jobs, future updates, partnerships etc.

Check boxes have been added to our forms that specifically collect personal data. i.e. Your Profile. Users must agree that the information submitted can be used for the purpose that the form intends.

Our privacy policy has also been updated to include how we operate and store data in order to supply a consistent service in the areas of Jobs Board, Recruitment, Training Marketplace, Money Solutions etc.

Your right to your YotHop held data: We now store all Job Board personal resume data in one place. Information is stored in the users profile allowing everything to be exported from one location.

How we operate

Glenn Ward (Director) is assigned as Director responsible for GDPR. You can contact him at should you have any concerns.

Our agents must handle personal data in order to do their job. We have taken the following steps to protect your personal data.

All agents computers are password protected and up to date with virus protection.

We will not store personal data on computers outside our secure server unless in unique circumstances we explicitly receive your permission.

This means we will not request CV’s or personal files over social media channels and require that you maintain your YotHop account should you be looking for future employment.


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