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Put your job in front of thousands of yacht crew and receive only relevant applications.

You can now post your jobs on Yachtly Crew 

Anyone can add a yachting job on YotHop, whether you are a captain, an employer or an agency. Applications go directly to you which is why we ensure all crew are verified by us at registration. We have built the job listing form to allow you to specify the details of the job. This should ensure you only receive qualified applications that meet your exact needs. Good luck with your crew search!

Key Benefits to posting a job on YotHop

  • Jobs are marked up for Google. Achieve page one in an instant
  • Only receive applications that match your criteria
  • We share to Social Media so you don’t have to

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Add a Company

Before you add a Job, you might need to connect the dots. Add a company and connect it to you as a user by setting it as your current company. When you post a course it will be connected to and promote your company hand in hand.