First solo single Handed Sailor to cross the atlantic

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Keith Wight

This is always hard to write something new for a blog without giving you a bit of a back ground on how I meet up with my good friends Jamie and Jodie back in 2007.





Well I had just left Portsmouth in Britain three weeks previous on the 20 October 2007 heading for the Grand Canaries my first stop to be the first disabled sailor to cross the Atlantic.





Rosiley at the Boat Southampton 2007

I bought a brand new Hansa 400 as the photos show on the back of the lorry she already looked second considering it had just came out of the mould she was in a bad state, she should have had sea trials from midsummer but Hansa  had only finished the work on her as I was living in Portsmouth.  With many thing still to be finished off, they prosiest to fly out to the Grand Canaries to complete the work.

I had a good trip to the Grand Canaries and sailed into Las Palmas, the harbour master put me alongside the wall by the full deport and office as I told them I could not go out on anchor as it would be too dangerous with the use of only one arm.  I moored up and made Rosiley safe (name of my yacht) long story.

In the morning a beautiful yacht came in to tack up the slip alongside me, the skipper came over to me and asked if he could have his mooring lines across the bows of Rosiley with the reply hand them over so that I could pass them on to shore side to tie up. This was just a good will task and thought nothing more about it.  That night I got chatting with the crew of this lovely yacht, the skipper arrived soon after and we got on well and invited him and the crew for a cup of tea on Rosiley.








I told him my plans to be the first disabled nut to cross the Atlantic and we stuck up a good friendship, we out most night drinking and having a good time we went to the night club at the end of the marina most night has it had nice music and Jodie would dance the night away with me.







We would walk through town to the West side for dinner some time as it had very good food there.  I had to move Rosiley at  times as the ARK was filling up the marina with yachts for the crossing too, Jamie knew that I was not happy with Rosiley as Hansa UK has not kept their promise to fix all the faults on Rosiley so Jamie had a quick look I told him that I was not happy with the Duch man rig on the main sail as it should have been lazy jacks and a bag not what they had fitted as hansa UK said they would not guarantee Rosiley if anything else was fitted but it never looked right.  Jamie had a look around found the there was no washers on the kicker and had already started to rub a groove on the mast support. So with my help and Jamies we set about fixing this by drilling out the pot rivets holding the support to the mast as the kicker pin had been put in upside down and could not be removed.  Jamie and the crew had to leave soon foe there trip to St Martin’s, we arranged to meet up in the New Year mid January.





I left the Grand Canaries two days after the ARC left as they did not want me to follow them just in case that had to rescue me because I refused to tack crew with me that they had over booked.




The ARC leaving on its trip across the Atlantic.

I sailed the rumb line across the Atlantic to St Lucia, half way across Peter and his crew on their catamaran were in a storm and lost their mast. As it came down it punched the starboard hull and they started to sink with a Mayday call the ARC managed to find then and took them all on board their yacht taking them to St Lucia. With this good news we were very happy when I arrived in St Lucia. Peter and his son had already left for home.




My next trip to St Martin’s catching up with Jamie & Jodie

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Jodie Richards

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