Are you losing money every month through bank charges and poor exchange rates?

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YotHop Money Solutions

As you may know, YotHop was built with the aim to put the salary budget back in the crews pocket.

We’ve spoken to a number of you and found that many are paying high bank charges and exchanging salaries every month with regular bank exchange rates. There’s another way! we’ve partnered with international money transfer experts TransferWise and brought on board a payroll expert to produce what we’re calling “YotHop Salary Solutions

Salary Solutions is designed to remove bank charges and transfer your money each month with a competitive exchange rate. Many are unaware but this saves you 100’s each month.

It couldn’t be easier either, sign up to the YotHop sub site, then simply complete the short form Salary Solutions page which will allow us to do some background checks. Once completed all you need to do is forward an instruction email to your employer and let the savings begin.

A person on $10,000pm moving money into GBP will save approximately £450 a month

*There will be a few days delay on receiving your funds due to the speed of the transfers
**We charge a small fee which includes the greatly reduced bank charges we 

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Glenn Ward

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