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Are you paid in a different currency to that of your home bank account?

If you’re looking to make savings on your monthly salary as its moved from one currency to another or need regular payments into your home country bank account for a future mortgage, YotHop Salary Solutions could be for you.

Are you losing money sending your wages home each month?

Due to our preferential rates, we’re currently saving our customers an average of £500 a month.  It’s simple, hassle free and could save you a fortune.

Not only will you notice a genuine increase in your monthly take home, the payslips in your home currency will allow you to easily prove your income in your home country, invaluable for mortgages, finance or loans.

Our fee for this service is just 1% of your gross monthly wage, with a minimum fee of £25.

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Key Benefits

Home Currency Payslips

Proven to increase the value of your salary mortgage lenders are willing to take into account.

Save Thousands Every Year

Eliminate bank fees and receive TransferWise exchange rates. *dependant on currencies and value of salary

See what you could save…

*illustration only, based on real working example of existing customers, savings will vary

Someone on €6,000 per month

Bank Fees

Most banks charge around £50 per transfer
12 x £50 = £600 Saving per year

Exchange rate comparison

Leading Currency Site @1.1423* = £5252.56
YotHop @0.907300*  = £5421.12
Increase after YotHop Fee = £114 per month
12 x £114 = £1368 Saving per year

Increase in Take Home Salary = £1968 per year

*Exchange Rates on the date 14/007/2020
Currently USD to GBP Clients make the largest savings

How it works