New Look Online Resumes as part of your YotHop Profile

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New Look Online Resumes on YotHop

We want your Online Resume to look as good as your Paper CV

Walking the dock has always been part of getting your foot in the door! It’s getting harder and harder with many marinas not allowing entry, not to mention the annoyance of printing off your CV and timing it right as you approach the boat.

With the release of our new homepage design last month, this month we thought we’d talk about our plans for your YotHop Online Resume.

New Look Online Resumes on YotHop

Taking lead from LinkedIn (I have not printed a CV in years!) We want your online profile to be as good if not better than on paper. Your experience already links to the boats you have worked on and we are add more functionality as we speak. We’re working with a bunch of loyal YotHoppers to find out what you want and building it into the pages. If you have any requests, get in touch

We hope your career is benefitting from our continued improvements to YotHop, plenty more to come so as always, keep coming back 😉


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Jodie Richards

Jodie Richards

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