New Year, New Website and New Goals for YotHop

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YotHop Homepage

We joked for a few years about the YotHop ‘No plan plan’ as we watched the network grow faster than we could possibly imagine! At the end of 2019 the directors sat down and decided we needed a direction. True to our original concept of providing a unique platform providing all with equal opportunity to pursue a career in Superyachting without hinderance.

Staying true to the Jobs Board (LinkedIn style) approach we have built the website again from the ground up. We’ve stripped it back and are now working to bring things back based on real feedback and what the users want. It’s quite a task but well worth it as we are already seeing results with the new platform. On that note, keep the feedback coming! We’ll work as quick as possible to support your needs.

As I eluded to, our initial intention was not to recruit but due to popular demand and time constraints of many captains we found ourselves building a team of experienced ex crew with an aptitude for recruitment and a unique approach. So, here we are!

To that end, we now feel it’s time to give back. We pledge to pull a pound of plastic out of the ocean (by donation) for every job posted to the Jobs Board …and donate a percentage of the recruitment commission to an organisation of the employers choosing (raising this as and when the financials allow us to)

Please read over the YotHop Mission and Brand Values. I hope you connect with what we’re doing and join us for the journey.

Thanks for your continued support!

The YotHop Team.

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