YotHop is an established recruitment company specialising in Superyacht staff and crew. Our mission is simple, we offer a platform that provides fair opportunities for yacht owners and crew. We are transparent in the way we operate, posting exciting and unique job roles on a number of online platforms for maximum exposure in a bid to find the best talent possible so that the applicant and recruiter both benefit. Our bespoke service was built by marketing professionals with a wealth of marine knowledge, using digital expertise to achieve wider audience reach than many of our competitors.
Based in the UK, we operate globally and pride ourselves on our commitment to fair opportunities and consideration of the environment we work in.


Our goal is to provide a global open networking service that is a trusted source for job posting and talent acquisition, supporting both the crew and the employer. We work and engage with all walks of life, from graduates or individuals who are new to the industry right through to experienced senior crew and yacht owners.

Brand Values

We pride ourselves on our quality services, providing fair and equal opportunities for yacht owners to recruit and applicants to be recruited.
We have a strategic focus that puts us ahead of many of our competitors, dedicating time and resources to understand both our clients (both yacht owners and applicants) and our competitors so that we can streamline our services. Our approach is bespoke, offering personal services that are regularly quality controlled and monitored by our dedicated founders and highly-motivated administrative team.

We are committed to working in an environmentally responsible way and pledge to donate a percentage of all our fees to an ocean clean up organisation of your choosing, a marine charity that is dedicated to improving and sustaining positive change in the fight against climate change and pollution in our seas.