Part 3 : There Are No Snakes in Paradise ! Allmode Summary and Advice

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Part 3 : There Are No Snakes in Paradise!

Allmode Summary and Advice:

It is important to remember the Caribbean, in general, relies heavily on tourism and news of criminal activity or threat to life can be devastating to their economy, so it comes as no surprise that not all criminal activity is reported and those that are reported are not always released to the media. Statistics and information available do not always reflect the true threat.

As illustrated throughout this report, it is clear that petty crime is one of the most common risks throughout all of the Caribbean Islands and our advice would be to stay extra vigilant when visiting the regions and ensure that you remain alert and maintain a high level of personal security.

Keep all valuables locked away and should you be staying in hotel it is recommended that you use the hotel safe. When out and about, try to refrain from taking large quantities of cash and use credit or debit cards instead. If you are carrying cash, then try to conceal it on your persons rather than carrying it within a purse or bag. Reports have indicated that thieves will carry knives in order to cut the straps of bags or purses before taking off with your belongings.

Coastal crimes have shown an increase in boat / yacht robberies, so, when leaving boats / yachts, or indeed any form of accommodation, be sure to undertake basic security precautions and use common sense to ensure that you have closed and locked all doors and windows.

There is a heightened degree of risk when anchored in the Caribbean. Dinghy and outboard theft has increased considerably in the last few years so ensure that you place your dinghy on board and secure it during the night.

Stay extra vigilant during the hours of darkness as this tends to be when robberies are predominantly undertaken. By maintaining a watch rotation during the night, enhanced by deck watches, this will help to reduce the potential risk of boarding/robbery whilst at anchorage. You may consider employing a Security team for your time in the region.

The Caribbean is found to have one of the highest murder rates within the world resulting from a drastic increase in the level of drug and gun related crime. Many of these crimes go unreported so we only see a small part of the true picture and the true reflection is thought to be considerably higher. With that in mind, when visiting these areas you are advised to improve your situational awareness and research the area you are due to visit fully. This can be achieved in a number of ways; the use of full risk assessments, contacting your local National consulate or representative, or at least those of the UK, US or France for any travel advice within the region and by keeping up to date on any local related news. Allmode can provide an in depth risk assessment on any area within the world upon request (for more information you can contact

When travelling on land throughout the Caribbean, you are advised to travel in groups. If you do wish to undertake trips which involve more remote locations then it is advised strongly that you use a qualified guide. Be sure to research the area fully and seek local advice about the areas with high levels of criminal activity. In some cases where the threat is of a very high level, you may wish to consider the use of close protection officers. This type of protection comes highly recommended when visiting areas which are known to suffer from gun related crime, assaults and the risk of kidnappings. Allmode can offer you more information on Security Services at our website

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