Provisioning Antigua vs St Maarten

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Is there any comparison? How many of you go via SXM to get provisions but base the boat in Antigua?

What is it that Antigua has over SXM for basing the boat? I believe it is the community for the sailboats. The sailboat crew are all one big extended family.

So, we need to improve the provisions in Antigua? How can we do this? Is there a chain store that would be interested in setting up shop? Maybe we can entice ‘Le Grande Marche’ to come down from SXM and open a few stores.

Why is the provisioning in Antigua so inferior to St marten? Is it because the food in SXM is Tax/duty free?

Epicurian fine foods ( is the best place in Antigua to get your groceries but don’t expect there to be any fresh produce before wednesday. Also, the organics selection is very limited.

Downtown St Johns have a good market.

Also Horizon ( have a good selection of frozen and dairy

Can you suggest any others? Organic maybe?

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Paul James

Paul James

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