Yachting Industry Salary Guidelines

Here is an average of the salary range you may expect to get onboard. Remember this is just a guideline and that every program is different. Some private yachts have a performance based bonus and salary review annually.

Crew from a charter yacht could get a tip, anywhere from 5 to 20% of the overall charter fee. This is not compulsory.

Finally, it is also worth noting that it is not just your position and qualifications that dictate your salary, but also your industry experience and longevity that have a huge impact.

Position | Boat Size 70'-100' 100'-120' 120'-140' 140'-160' 160' +
Yacht Captain 65k-120k 100k - 130k 120k - 140k 130k - 155k 145 +
First officer / Mate 35k to 50k 45k - 60k 55k - 65k 65k - 80k 75k +
Second Mate / Bosun 25k - 30k 25k - 35k 40k - 50k 40k -50k 40k - 55k+
Deckhand 25k - 30k 25k - 35k 35k - 45k 35k - 45k 40k +
Chief Engineer 30k - 35k 40 - 55k 55k - 80k 75k - 95k 85k - 105k
Second Engineer n/a n/a n/a 55k - 65k 50k - 75k
Chief Stewardess 30k - 45k 40k - 55k 45k - 60k 55k - 70k 65k+
Second Stewardess n/a 30k - 40k 35k - 45k 40k - 55k 40k - 50k
Laundry / Junior Stew 28k - 35k 30k - 38k 30k - 38k 35k - 40k 35k - 40k
Yacht Chef 40k - 50k 50k - 60k 55k - 75k 65k - 80k 75k - 100k
Yacht Crew / Delivery / Junior Chef 40k - 50k 50k - 60k 45k - 60k 45k - 60k 45k - 65k

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