Seahub Projects to manage your next yacht survey?

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Yacht Survey

Its 2012, and its time to pull M/Y Pegasus V out of the water and jump into our 5-year survey. As the third engineer, I remember being excited and thrilled for the project, but looking back now with Seahub Projects launched, I can see the value it would have brought to us all.

Twenty projects happening at once including shaft removal, more than thirty contractors to manage onboard, five engineers on different tasks and a four-week deadline. Sounds busy right? A survey, especially a 5-year and 10-year, require careful and precise planning and organisation. There are always many unknowns in a survey of this magnitude, just to keep us engineers on our toes, so initial planning is important but continual planning and adjustment to arising issues is essential.

When building Seahub – Yacht Maintenance Software, our Australian built planned maintenance system, we had to tap into our engineering experience to really build a platform that would benefit superyacht engineers and become the Engineer’s Leatherman. Experiences, such as Pegasus V 5-year survey, was an example of how we took real life situations and created a project management module that could handle large scale yacht projects utilising a digital approach.

Organisation, communication and teamwork is the key when it comes to a successful yard period. Seahub Projects effectively allows you to manage tasks, resources and costs all from the intuitive project dashboard in real time. Managing a large scale project, such as the 5-year survey I was involved in, can be streamlined using technology, if we choose to embrace it.

With as many as ten yard periods with superyachts ranging from 40m up to 80m, I know first hand the importance of careful and precise planning for getting the yacht out and splashed back into the water as soon as possible. If only a tool like this existed when I was a yachtie!

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Matthew Hyde

Matthew Hyde

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