So, why did we build YotHop? and who are we?

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YotHop is a joint venture after a Captain and his better half asked Glenn Ward to build a platform that would allow them to save a portion of their wage budget and keep it in his crews salary. The intention was to cut costs of recruitment and increase crew retention. We started out as merely a Job Board but after the massive expansion rate we have become a blogging platform for key influences in the industry, a location intelligent business directory allowing companies on YotHop to use the platform to increase the visibility of their content marketing …and soon a boat database! The final connection in joining the dots between jobs, crew and employer.

We now have a platform that is somewhere between LinkedIn, Facebook, Mashable and Checkatrade. All free and designed to make your career run smoothly.

Here’s the back story from our sponsor

Sixteen years ago I was walking the docks of Antibes knocking on passerells at 0730 looking for daywork and handing out hundreds of printed CV’s. On the unsuccessful days I’d end up cueing at all the yacht agencies offices, checking in and trying to get my face known and get the edge… any opportunity to get my foot in the door. Some friends I met in the crew houses got a few days ‘daywork’ and that turned in to full time employment. Others with just a chance meeting in a bar/ networking… with the introduction to the right person they found themselves heading out on a charter! There is still a certain amount of this that goes on today, but there has been a very slow movement in the last 5 years to modernize the Yachting communities job search and crew search network, this has been driven by a few companies slowly trying to open source the database of crew but all the successful ones ‘until now’ charging either the crew or the Yacht.

This is something myself and countless other captains have really struggled with for over a decade. Mine, and many others captains dream or vision is to have a free database so owners and captains can post jobs on an ‘online job board’ and use search engines to find crew, AND crew can put CV’s, references, Certificates and Profiles on-line and all for free. All the crew in one place!

Many years after starting in the industry one afternoon after a successful week I was sat down in ‘Bar du Port’ after the Voile de St Tropez (2011), there was a small gathering of a few sunburned-exhausted captains around a table of Presse’s and G&T’s, we had all met over the years in one port or another and the topic of recruitment came up… as the sun set we put the world to rights on how each of us struggled to justify the fees incurred with recruitment and also the timely process involved and how it effected the salaries and crew budgets. I had the idea to do an online job board and we hypertheticly bounced some ideas off each other. In the morning I went on-line and this had been done and done and done, there were fees for most of them. I also looked at the other topic ‘a CV board’ this too had been covered. So I resided to the fact the industry was ‘on it’ and so put it to the back of my mind…

October last year while I was sailing offshore I started talking about my vision of how easy recruitment could be to one of my delivery crew members who had hung up his deck shoes and moved to London to work in the rat race. He was using his holiday time to come sailing while in the real world he was employed as a head of digital marketing. He explained to me over several long night watches how ‘our’ industry is a long way behind the corporate industries as far recruitment is concerned and how social media changed a mindset. Users eventually became more confident to put their CV online, Companies resisted and then embraced the recruitment opportunities of LinkedIn and even agencies came on board to use it as a tool to serve their needs. He went on to explain how time constraints dictate that huge companies sometimes do not conduct their own recruitment, the need to use recruitment agencies or management companies does still exists for the key roles or when time is tight, but this has evolved, LinkedIn and even Facebook has changed the game! Future Employees are out there on the open market. They are not hard to find… Open searchable resumes will not go away, in yachting this is scattered across LinkedIn, countless Facebook pages, and some still locked with 100’s of boutique agencies. The example he used was if a job is put with one recruitment company you will only have a small percentage of the industries available crew… for such a large international industry this to him seemed archaic.

On a handshake I invested in to building a platform ‘the concept was to bring everyone together under one roof. The ethos; to let the captains recruit how they want to recruit, and let job seekers use the platform how they see fit! Flexibility and being mobile being the heart of this yachting community’.

My partner (an Ocean-master,restaurant trained chef and experienced stewardess) agreed to take this on! It was something that required commitment to get off the ground from start up as well as an inside understanding of the industry! Out of the blue she said, “It can be called YotHop!” Because it’s to helps crew hop on a yacht! and that stuck!.

This new venture YotHop is a FREE platform with zero charge for the crew looking for employment! The site gives the ability to display ‘CV/profiles’.

It is also completely FREE to the yacht; this platform allows them to place jobs on a ‘job board’ and contact directly with crew.

So fundamentally YotHop is an open source ‘crew database’ and ‘job board’ for the whole industry. So in essence it would be a LinkedIn for the yachting industry!

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