Taking the headache out of posting a job on a Jobs Board

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For the past 10 years I managed an international digital marketing team and that has meant recruiting a number of staff from around the world. We tried all manor of advertisement methods from Total Jobs and LinkedIn to more niche specialist websites such as creative pool.

Imagine recruiting for a ‘Social Media Executive’ everyone who has Facebook thinks they’re a social media expert and so the CV’s came pouring in 🙁 I don’t know if you’ve ever sifted through 500 CV’s and covering letters to find the perfect candidate? It takes about a week!! a week that could be spent doing far more useful things.

And so, when we built we endeavoured to take away that headache. By checking a few simple boxes while posting a job you will only receive qualified and the right experienced candidates. Reducing the time as well as saving money.

For those who want to save time at the posting stage there’s ‘Quick Post

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Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward

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