Tips to keep each guest visit like the first

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Every guest visit should feel like the first visit of the day. Here are a few tips to keep the yacht looking fresh.

Keep a cloth and spray bottle of vinegar and water tucked away on every level. Nearly everyone will touch doors, handles, handrails, and passerelles. Make it easy to wipe off stray fingerprints.

Keep a lint roller on every level to quickly pick up any debris on carpets, upholstery, floors or any other surface. It saves time and effort of bringing the vacuum out over and over again.

Check your appearance to be sure you hair is tidy and your makeup looks fresh. Avoid cologne or perfume as it can be an irritant for many people. Keep your nails short, conservative and natural looking. If you will be barefoot, be sure your pedicure is up to par. Uniforms should be clean and pressed.

Keep an eye on the flowers. Fluctuations in temperature are hard on them. Remove any foliage that is below the waterline to prevent bacteria from growing and making the water cloudy. Change the water every two or three days as needed. Be sure to make a fresh cut to the stem and add flower food to feed them and prolong their life. Remove any drooping blooms. Be careful not to overwater orchids.

Yellow flowers

Bake cookies. The scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is irresistible.

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Alene Keenan

Alene Keenan

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