Walk the docks on YotHop without walking the docks

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After meeting many people on a recent course that were heading down to Antibes or Palma to find work for the season. We decided YotHop could help out by taking the dockwalk out of dockwalking!

There’s 2 new buttons on the homepage ‘Available for Day Work‘ and ‘Looking for Day Workers

You could already state on your resume that you were available for Day Work but the new function allows you to easily find your location and then add when you are available until with a few clicks!

For employers looking for Day Workers. Finding them is as simple as clicking on a pin on the map!

Hopefully now you can link up with boats without the headache of printing your CV and walking the docks. Making yourself available to more to a wider audience without setting foot out the internet cafe 🙂

Please give us your feedback? if we can develop this further with your input we’re happy to help as always!

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