YotHop teamed up with Kitesurf Antigua for a 4 hr beginner session

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Last week while on the island of Antigua I was invited to try out a 4hr beginner session with pro kiter and Instagram sensation Jake Kelsick from Kitesurf Antigua. As a ‘Friend of YotHop’ we thought we’d get the drones out and video the experience to show just how accessible kitesurfing is and how the short learning curve combined with good instruction gets you up and riding in a matter of hours.

At Kitesurf Antigua they put a lot of emphasis on kite control while on the beach. The vast majority of accidents happen while launching or landing your kite, so learning kite control on land really gives you the practice and the confidence you need to safely handle your kite in any situation. At Jabberwock beach there is ample space to practice on the sand and while standing in shallow water. It’s really an ideal setting for learning.

Beginner Lesson at Kitesurf Antigua from Kitesurf Antigua on Vimeo.

Another thing thats really cool about Jabberwock beach is that its the birthplace of kitesurfing in Antigua. This is where it all began almost 16 years ago when some of local boys like Andre Philip first got into the sport. We’ve seen this beach featured in so many videos over the years and being here in person has sort of a surreal feeling.

I think my favorite thing about Jabberwock is the vibe. Being able to pull right up to the beach by car, offload your cooler and your gear and just hang out for the day. Its really something special.

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Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward

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